Other “Lemonable” Goods

California and federal Lemon Laws provide redress For all faulty vehicles (including boats, aircrafts, etc.), consumer goods, and even your home's solar panels

Simply put, a “lemon” in the legal context, means a consumer good that repeatedly fails to meet standards of quality and performance. Although Lemon Law is generally understood to be used in the context of day-to-day cars that have multiple defects, Lemon laws equally apply to a myriad of consumer goods and other types of vehicles. Some examples are the following: aircrafts, watercrafts (jetskis, boats, yachts, etc.), motorcycles, commercial vehicles (18-wheeler trucks, tractors, agriculture and farming vehicles, etc.), RVs and other mobile homes, ATVs and other off-road vehicles, luxury and sport cars, electric vehicles, home appliances, and even your home’s solar panels.

So if you believe that you have purchased or leased a “consumer good” that repeatedly fails to meet standards of quality and performance and such failures have substantially impaired the use, value, or safety of the consumer good, you may be entitled to remedies under California Lemon laws. Luckily, our attorneys not only have experience with Lemon laws as it relates to your day-to-day vehicles, but also have experience with lemon laws as it relates to all consumer goods that are faulty and do not meet the standards of quality and performance.

You have rights. Do not delay your claim. And remember, the attorneys at Nahavandi & Azimtash LLP will not be paid unless you get paid for any “lemonable” goods that you have acquired.

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