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We Represent You Against Organizations Which We Previously Represented
Our attorneys are well aware that fighting insurance companies and manufacturers of cars or other consumer goods is not an easy task as these large corporations and their swarms of attorneys incorporate numerous tactics to delay or even deny liability for the wrongs they have committed. Our attorneys spent years representing these organizations and can effectively hold them responsible by outmaneuvering the tactics they employ and aggressively pursue recovery for our clients.
We Are Not Afraid of Litigation or Trial
One factor that differentiates our law firm from other law firms, is that our attorneys are not afraid to litigate each and every case and push the case into trial if we believe that our clients are entitled to more compensation than what is being offered by the opponent. Our attorneys are not afraid to utilize each and every skill they have acquired in litigation, including but not limited to conducting effective discovery, designating respective experts to testify at trial, and conducting the trial itself. In addition, our attorneys have not only represented big insurance companies and manufacturers of cars or other consumer goods, but have experience with litigation and trial in both State and Federal Court.
We Employ Tactical and Strategic Representation For Our Clients
Our lawyers are not only knowledgeable in law but are tactical and strategic. This is imperative because every client’s case is unique and must be assessed to see what strategies and tactics should be implemented for maximum compensation. We pride ourselves in creating a representation strategy and tactic which we have seen succeed in previous matters. This is valuable as our opponents are often caught in a surprise, which then allows our clients to have the upper hand in settlement negotiations or trial, thereby leading to bigger settlements and verdicts.
Our Attorneys Regularly Assist Other Attorneys In Representing Their Clients
Not only do our attorneys have years of experience in litigating personal injury, lemon law, employment, and business matters but they regularly provide advice and feedback to other attorneys that are practicing these very same areas of law. This is because other attorneys practicing personal injury, lemon law, employment or business law see the value of our attorneys’ tactics and strategies which time after time results in increased compensation for their clients. With Nahavandi & Azimtash LLP, you will be represented by attorneys who are very well-versed in the procedural and substantive areas of law and will utilize their knowledge and skills to seek maximum compensation for their clients.
Our Clients are the drivers of their claims

At Nahavandi & Azimtash LLP, we understand that the majority of our clients who retain us are in a vulnerable position and require personalized representation. We are committed to provide the best legal service that is both personalized and result oriented. Our attorneys believe that in pursuit of recovery for their clients, no stones should be left unturned. We are also committed to evaluating each and every case fairly and providing a comprehensive assessment of the case to each client so our client can be the driver of his or her case.

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    Aggressive Representation For Californians For Their Personal Injury, Lemon, Employment, And Business Matters

    The attorneys at Nahavandi & Azimtash LLP strive to deliver the best possible outcome for all of their clients. Our promise is simple: to provide personalized but aggressive and relentless representation to each and every one of our clients. We routinely provide services to all California residents who need legal representation in the following practice areas:

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    The lawyers at Nahavandi & Azimtash LLP have dedicated themselves to providing their clients with experienced legal advice and diligent representation. Our lawyers previously represented insurance companies and large organizations and therefore know the tactics and strategies these large companies employ. They incorporate such skills to litigate matters seeking high damages in both State and Federal Courts on behalf of their clients.
    Our lawyers are highly experienced in litigating your case and know what it takes to win. Our lawyers are aggressive, experienced, and tactical, which allows them to outmaneuver their opponents and obtain impressive results for their clients.

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