People are often drawn to Mitsubishi vehicles because of their reliability, superb engineering, and fuel efficiency. At times, however, Mitsubishi vehicles containing defects which cannot be fixed under warranty, are sold or leased to consumers. If your Mitsubishi has reoccurring issues or it has spent more than 30 days in the shop, then it is likely that you have purchased or leased a lemon Mitsubishi.

Common Defects Experienced By Mitsubishi Owners/Lessees

Based on our experience, consumers have experienced the following issues with their Mitsubishi vehicles: 

Mitsubishi has been under fire and a class action lawsuit was filed in December 2021 in California Federal Court because Mitsubishi sold certain vehicles with defective vehicles equipped with faulty continuously variable transmission (CVT). According to the lawsuit, Mitsubishi sold these cars without disclosing that the CVT was defective. Specifically, Plaintiffs in the class action allege that the CVT is defective in that it causes the vehicle to shudder, surge, jerk, to delay acceleration or fail to accelerate, and ultimately, catastrophic transmission failure. Such defects clearly show that the purchasers or the lessees of Mitsubishi vehicles not only acquired a vehicle that is not what they bargained for, but it can potentially pose a risk to their safety. Though a class action lawsuit is pending, consumers of Mitsubishi vehicles are encouraged to opt-out of this class action lawsuit and pursue individual claims against Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi uses the catchphrase of “Drive Your Ambition”. However, purchasers or lessees of Mitsubishi vehicles cannot drive with their ambition if their Mitsubishi vehicle is a “lemon”. Luckily, the attorneys at Nahavandi & Azimtash LLP are ready, able, and willing to fight Mitsubishi on behalf of all consumers who purchased or leased a lemon Mitsubishi. 

How Does Lemon Law Protect You If You Purchased Or Leased A Mitsubishi That May Be A Lemon?

Your Mitsubishi may be a lemon if you experienced any of the above issues or any other issues which substantially affect your Mitsubishi’s use, safety or value and an authorized Mitsubishi repair facility or dealership has been unable to fix the issues within a reasonably number of repair attempts. Your Mitsubishi may also be a lemon if your Mitsubishi has spent more than 30 days in an authorized Mitsubishi repair facility or dealership and has not been fixed. Under the California and Federal lemon laws, you may be entitled to a refund, replacement, or cash compensation for your vehicle.  The best part is that you owe us nothing unless we recover compensation for you as the manufacturers are obligated by law to pay your attorneys’ fees.

You Need Experienced Lemon Law Attorneys

If your Mitsubishi has experienced multiple issues that has not been fixed, contact us for a free consultation about your lemon law rights. The attorneys at Nahavandi & Azimtash LLP represent clients all over California with their lemon lawsuits and will not stop until they obtain maximum compensation for their clients who were sold or leased a lemon. In addition, our lawyers have experience defending some of the biggest car manufacturers in the world against the very same claims that you may have and therefore, know the tactics and strategies that car manufacturers employ in defending against their lemon lawsuits.

Remember that we will not get paid unless you win.

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