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california and federal lemon laws are enacted to protect consumers like you

Buying or leasing a car is often a very exciting occasion. It is nearly always followed by some sort of celebration, whether via a post on social media or over drinks. The hassles and headaches of finding a suitable car and perhaps negotiating the price (which can at times take weeks) is quickly forgotten once someone is finally driving the car they purchased or leased. This feeling of exuberance can last for months or even years. That is, until the car experiences issues which had the car not been faulty due to defects, should not have existed to begin with.

Car manufacturers, like any other multi-billion-dollar corporations, are often public companies with vast numbers of stockholders. This means that the management of such manufacturers are often more concerned with innovations and bottom line, even if that means introducing a line of vehicles in the market that may be faulty. Once a vehicle is manufactured, most manufacturers sell the vehicles to their authorized local dealers which then sell them one by one to consumers like me and you. And to give their consumers a sense of assurance, they offer numerous warranties and if the consumer wants, he or she has the choice to purchase extended warranty or optional service contracts.

But at times, cars develop defects that seem like the purchaser simply got unlucky. So, what can a consumer do? Just accept that, you know, things (or expletive) happen? No. That is not acceptable because you likely purchased or leased a lemon. But the good news is that you are reading this. So you have taken the first step towards seeking redress for your lemon and rest assured that you are in good hands with the attorneys at Nahavandi & Azimtash LLP. 

California And Federal Lemon Laws Provide Redress For Consumers Who Acquired Faulty Vehicles or products

Luckily, both California and the Federal government have passed legislation to protect consumers who purchased or leased faulty vehicles or other consumer goods. Under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, California’s lemon laws, a manufacturer that cannot repair a vehicle or other consumer goods within a reasonable number of attempts is obligated to provide the consumer with a replacement or repurchase the consumer’s vehicle or product. California legislatures were aware that consumers who purchase or lease faulty vehicles or other products may not be able to afford an attorney so they added a provision (much to the dislike of the manufacturers) that should a consumer be forced to defend his or her rights to purchase/lease a defect-free vehicles or products, manufacturers, in addition to the replacement/repurchase owed to the consumer, must also pay for the consumer’s attorneys' fees.

In addition to California’s lemon Law, the Federal government has enacted its own version of lemon law, called the Magnusson Moss Consumer Warranty Act. Under this law, if the product, or a component part, contains a defect or malfunction which has not been fixed within a reasonable number of repair attempts, the manufacturer must permit the consumer to elect either a refund or replacement without charge. As with California’s lemon laws, the Magnusson Moss Consumer Warranty Act requires the manufacturers to pay for the consumer’s attorney fees and expenses.

Simply put, if your car or consumer product has reoccurring issues, it is likely not your fault. But it is the manufacturer’s fault and you have rights, both under California and Federal laws. If you are unhappy with your vehicle or consumer good due to excessive repairs and you’ve been ignored by the manufacturer, you should reach out to a lemon lawyer, especially the attorneys at Nahavandi & Azimtash LLP, which have experience representing manufacturers and understands the way they operate. More importantly, if the manufacturer offers you a simple solution, such as relieving you from two months’ worth of payments on your car, or a few hundred dollars, do not accept their offer until you speak with the attorneys at Nahavandi & Azimtash LLP who are willing to consult you on any offers you have received at no charge to you. This is because almost always, the manufacturers know that you have a viable claim and try to mislead you into accepting a small sum of money in exchange for a release which absolves the manufacturer from every single claim or lawsuit that you can bring (both now and in the future).
If you believe that your car or consumer product is a lemon, fill out the form on this page or contact us via email: info@nalawyers.com or phone: (818) 286-3535 for a free consultation. 

You have rights. Do not delay your claim. And remember, the attorneys at Nahavandi & Azimtash LLP will not be paid unless you get paid.

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